In March, you will be sent a bill for the new financial year.

Your bill will tell you:

  • your account reference (which you’ll need to make payments and apply for reductions)
  • the total amount of Council Tax you will pay for the year
  • what Council Tax band your property has been valued at
  • about paying in instalments and other ways to manage your Council Tax

If you have not received your new bill by April you can request one by emailing

Download the Council Tax leaflet.

What you need to do if you pay by Direct Debit

If you pay by Direct Debit you do not need to do anything. Your Direct Debit will continue to be taken out as usual on your preferred date.

If you pay by Direct Debit in 10 monthly instalments, your Direct Debit will start again on 15 April, 28 April or 1 May depending on your chosen payment date.

You can find out if you’re paying by Direct Debit and see your new instalment plan at the bottom of your bill.

What to do if you pay by standing order

If you pay by standing order you will need to set up a new standing order with your bank when you’re sent your new bill.

If you choose to pay by direct debit you only need to set it up once and we will just tell you the amounts that will be collected each year.

Reapplying for discounts

If you receive a Council Tax discount such as single person’s discount, you do not need to reapply as it will be automatically applied to your bill.

We will review your entitlement to the discount on a regular basis and we may send you a form to confirm you are still entitled.  If you receive a form you must complete and return it or your discount will be cancelled.

If your bill says you owe money that you’ve paid

Your bill will include all payments received by the date of issue shown on the bill.  If you make a payment after this date it will not be taken into account on the bill.

You can check your current Council Tax balance online.

Understanding your bill

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