Check if you need permission

It is important to check if you need planning permission before making changes to your home, business premises or starting a development.

Planning permission 

Planning permission may be needed for lots of different developments, including:

  • new building works
  • changes in use of land
  • changes in use buildings.

Some developments do not need planning permission because they have been granted permitted development rights, these may include:

  • alterations and additions to buildings
  • changes in the use of land or buildings.

If you complete works without planning permission you may have to remove your alterations and may even be reported for breaching planning control.

Check online

Use our online guidance service to check if you need planning permission. 

For more information view the Planning Portal’s guidance.

Development restrictions in Medway

Certain areas in Medway have extra restrictions that may affect your development.

Extra restrictions are in place if your development:

You may also need extra permissions if:

Works on or near a main river

You’ll need extra consent to carry out works in, on, over, under or near an ordinary watercourse or main river.

Find out more about owning a watercourse and land drainage consent.

Use our online guidance service to check for any restrictions that may affect your works.