Check if you need planning permission

Before you apply for planning permission for any proposed changes to a building or property, it is important to check if you need permission on the Planning Portal.

If you complete works without planning permission you may have to remove your alterations and may even be reported for breaching planning control.

Check you need planning permission

Article 4 Directions

Some developments will have Article 4 Directions attached which means that the projects will need planning permission for works would not normally be needed.

View dwellings with Article 4 Directions

Listed buildings and conservation areas

You may need permission for a development that doesn’t usually require planning permission if your work is in a conservation area of to a listed building.

Check if your building is listed

Works on or near a main river

You’ll need our consent to carry out works in, on, over, under or near an ordinary watercourse or main river. Contact us to discuss your application and check if you need permission by emailing or phoning 01634 333 333.