Handyman Service

The Handyman Service can help customers by carrying out small jobs around the home free of charge.

The service will focus on any small jobs around the house that do not need immediate attention and fall outside of contracted repair works.

Customers will need to provide materials for any job carried out.


To qualify for the Handyman Service you must:

  • have a clear rent account or be keeping to a repayment plan
  • have no records of anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • have allowed us to carry out gas servicing and planned maintenance to your home without obstruction
  • ensure that it is compliant with your tenancy agreement.

Find out if you are eligible for the Handyman Service.

What the handyman provides

The handyman is a skilled person who has the tools and equipment needed to carry out works.

Generally, the handyman will be able to carry out small jobs up to a maximum of 2 hours.

Customers will be limited to 2 hours service per year (from 1 April to 31 March).

What jobs the handyman can do

Jobs that the handyman can do include:

  • putting up shelves
  • adjusting, renewing or fixing internal doors or gates
  • easing and adjusting cupboard doors
  • hanging pictures, curtain rails, blinds and mirrors.

Please note that any of these items must already be cut to size.

The handyman can also:

  • assemble flat pack furniture
  • fit or renew doorbells
  • renew a toilet seat
  • put up a washing line to existing posts or hooks
  • bleed radiators
  • fit wall brackets or hanging baskets
  • trim internal doors to fit new carpets or floor coverings
  • fit a plug or chain to bath, basin or sink
  • change light bulbs or remove or replace lampshades, curtains and pelmets.

The handyman will not be able to complete any gas or electrical works.

How to book

You can make appointments for the service by calling the Housing Repairs Team on 01634 333 601 or freephone 08000 730 073.