If you move home, change your name or change bank details

If you move home or change your name, you must tell us so we can update your Council Tax details.  

If you move home

We need to know if you're moving home so we can close your old account. If you're moving within Medway, we'll set up a new account with the updated address.

Find out more about Council Tax if you're moving home.

If you move home you'll need to register to vote at your new address

If you're claiming Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction you'll also need to update your claim.

If you change your name

If you or someone on your Council Tax account changes name, for example, after marriage or divorce, tell us so we can update these details.

You can request a name change in your My Council Tax Online account

If you do not have a My Council Tax Online account you can:

You'll need to tell us:

  • your Council Tax payment reference number (also known as account number)
  • who the name change is for - yourself or someone else on your Council Tax account
  • the name currently on your Council Tax account and what you'd like this changed to
  • the reason for the name change 
  • your phone number and email address so we can contact you if we need further information.

You'll also need to update your electoral registration details by emailing electoralservices@medway.gov.uk

If you change your bank details

You can change the Direct Debit you already have with us by setting up a new Direct Debit.

Any new Direct Debit instruction from you will cancel the previous instruction we hold.

You'll need to do this more than 5 working days before payment is due or we could take your old Direct Debit amount on your old payment date. 

Set up a new Direct Debit

If you want to cancel your Direct Debit, contact your bank and cancel it directly with them.