If you’re moving home you will need to tell us so we can send you a final bill and close your old account.

If you’re moving to another Medway address

If you’re moving within Medway, we’ll set up a new account with your new address and you’ll need to set up a new direct debit.

You can quickly and easily update your address online.

Update your address

If you have moved to another Medway address and previously paid by direct debit you will need to set up a new one.

You can do this once you’ve received your new bill with your new account number.

Set up a Direct Debit

If you’re moving out of Medway

If you’re moving out of Medway you will need to tell us you're moving so we can close your account.

This will ensure that you don’t continue paying Council Tax on your old property.


If you’ve moved home you will need to reapply for any reductions you’re eligible for.

Or, if your circumstances have changed you may now be eligible for a reduction.

You could be eligible for a reduction if:

  • you now live alone
  • you’ve moved out of a property which you still own or rent and it is now unoccupied
  • you, or one of your household, are disabled and meet the relevant conditions

View all Council Tax reductions