Householder development advice

Your work will be a householder development if it’s for:

  • an extension to a dwelling, outbuilding or other development within the garden, not a new house
  • a garage
  • roof alterations
  • crossovers (dropped kerbs)
  • hardstanding (driveways).

Householder advice

The pre-application advice will cover:

  • details of any statutory designations and constraints (areas of protected land) affecting the site
  • key planning policy context and assessment of the scheme against planning policy
  • any other material considerations, such as parking, traffic, conservation
  • a summary of potential changes that may be needed to improve the scheme and, if possible, overcome objections
  • identification of areas within the pre-application scheme that may need addressing or changing
  • conclusion as to the chance of the scheme being accepted.

As the applicant, you’re expected to consult with the Parish Council.

Cost of householder pre-application advice

The fees for householder pre-application advice is:

  • meeting (site visit at planning officer’s discretion): £216
  • charged per hour for officer follow up.

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