About local land charges

Whether you are buying or selling a property or business, are a conveyancer, private company or member of the public, our local land charges team are here to help.

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Land-related enquiries fall into three groups:

  • ownership of a piece of land or responsibility for a particular boundary, fence or wall
  • council-owned land – enquiries should be made to the Asset and Property Management
  • privately owned land – these are dealt with by the District Land Registry

Local land charge fees from 31 March 2017

You can make a request by completing the Local Land Charges request for information form and email it to landcharges@medway.gov.uk 

Search results will be returned via email as PDF documents.

Payment can be made by debit or credit card by calling 01634 332 733.

  • Local Land Charges Register: £11
  • Local Land Charges Register Additional Parcel Fee: £1
  • Planning & building decisions and pending application (a) to (i): £3
  • Planning & building decisions and pending application (j) to (l): £3.60
  • Roadways, footways and footpaths: £3
  • Public rights of way: £3
  • Land required for public purposes: £3
  • Land to be acquired for road works: £3
  • Drainage matters: £3
  • Nearby road schemes: £3
  • Nearby railway schemes: £3
  • Traffic schemes: £3
  • Outstanding notices: £3
  • Contravention of building regulations: £3
  • Notices, orders, directions and proceedings under Planning Acts: £3
  • Community infrastructure levy (CIL): £3
  • Conservation area: £3
  • Compulsory purchase: £3
  • Contaminated land: £3
  • Radon gas: £3
  • Assets of Community Value: £3

For more information contact Local Land Charges by phoning 01634 332 733, by emailing landcharges@medway.gov.uk

Or write to: Local Land Charges, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4TR