Dispose of an asset of community value

If you wish to dispose of an asset of community value and it is not exempt from disposal you must notify us in writing of your intention.

Once an owner has notified us, we will acknowledge receipt of the notification, confirm the dates when the interim moratorium took effect and when this will end.

The list of community value will then be updated to show that we have received a notice of an intention to dispose of the asset. This will include the date of the notification, the resulting interim and full moratorium periods, and the protected period.

We will then notify the nominator in writing and publish the details on our website.

Notice of disposal

Royal Oak intended disposal of listed value

Bid to buy the asset

An intention to bid may only be sent by a suitable 'community interest group' with a local connection.

The intention to bid should be submitted in writing to Local Land Charges, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, ME4 4TR or by emailing landcharges@medway.gov.uk.

We must receive the intention to bid within 6 weeks of the notice to dispose of the asset (normally ending at midnight on the last working day of that period). Nominators are advised to get proof of delivery.

We will pass the intention to bid to the owner of the land, or inform them of the details as soon as possible after receipt. This will trigger the full 6 month moratorium period where the asset cannot be sold, except to a community interest group.