Assets of community value

Community Right to Bid gives local communities a chance to have a say in the sale of land and buildings considered to be of importance to the community such as a local library, pub or village shop.

We maintain an Assets of Community Value register which lists the land and buildings which have been successfully accepted following nomination. If any of these assets are put up for sale, the community are given time to prepare a bid and can attempt to buy the asset themselves.

This aims to see local residents preserving the facilities that matter the most to them.

Community value

Land or buildings are of community value if:

  • the main use furthers the social wellbeing and social interests of the community and this use can continue
  • they have been used to further the social wellbeing and interests of the community recently and they could do so again in the next 5 years.

You cannot nominate an asset for the listing if it is:

  • a residential property
  • land licensed for use as a residential caravan site
  • operational land of statutory undertakers.

Make a nomination

To nominate your community group:

  • you must have a local connection to the property
  • the group must have at least 21 members who are registered to vote in the Medway area
  • we suggest you first talk to the landowner who can tell you of any plans for the property.

Complete the asset nomination form and read the community right to bid guidance before you nominate an asset and then send it to Local Land Charges, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, ME4 4TR.

After a decision has been made we will notify the owner and the nomination group and add the asset to either the:

  • list of nominations
  • list of assets of community value
  • list of unsuccessful nominated assets.

View our assets of community value register

If you wish to dispose of an Asset of Community Value email us at