Medway is a proactive Children’s Services Authority, with stable and permanent political and professional leadership.

Our delivery of children’s services is informed by our vision of achieving positive change for the families we work with so that children are safe, services are effective, and families feel supported and enabled to care for their children.

Our social work teams are made up of six social workers. After an assessment, they work with children and families throughout their engagement with statutory social work.

The Medway model of social work

The Medway model of social work uses Signs of Safety to understand the complex problems our families face. It also supports our belief that children are best cared for within their families if this is safe. 

We use the Signs of Safety practice model to organise and describe our work with children and families throughout our case records. The model is used in our Child Protection Conferences.

Specific models of assessment and intervention are used for identified needs such as the Graded Care Profile, Parenting Assessments and direct work with children.

Our professional development offer includes training in all these areas and also the Practice Education of social work students.

We have redesigned our career progression scheme to reward continuity of practice. As well as designing career pathways that reflect the importance we place on the work social workers do.

Supervision and management oversight

Our first-line leaders are known as Team Managers. Each Team Manager is responsible for the supervision of six social workers.

We expect our first-line leaders to provide oversight and management grip on case work so that social workers are fully supported in their practice.

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