Children's safeguarding

Our pods are split between four geographic area teams so you will have the chance to get to know the other professionals working with your families as they will usually be from the same schools, health visiting teams, children’s centres and other local agencies.

Our emphasis on relationships mean that we promote consistency of social worker throughout the families’ involvement with Children’s Services. Whether children are supported through a Child in Need Plan, or protected through a Child Protection or Child Looked After plan, the same social worker pod will keep working with the families, reducing the number of changes in their lives.

Support structure

Our five-member pod structure (one manager, three experienced social workers and one ASYE) embodies our commitment to relationships between the department and our families. While families have a primary worker, they will also have a relationship with the rest of the pod so that they are always able to speak to someone they know and who knows their case. The pod structure allows social workers to collaborate on cases with their colleagues, providing mutual support and access to combined skills and experience.

Group supervision

Each pod has weekly reflective Group Supervision in which the SWs discuss their cases using the ‘Strengthening Families’ approach. This enables each member of the pod to become familiar with all the cases held within the pod, to ensure that they are able to respond quickly and appropriately in the absence of the primary worker. This model promotes a collaborative approach to working with children and their families and allows social workers to benefit.

Children's safeguarding Service

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Social worker posts will range from Newly Qualified Social Worker (NQSW) to senior practitioner depending on skills and experience.