Early help

Early help offers effective targeted help to families to promote their wellbeing and resilience. It uses a signs of safety practice framework.

Early help workers work with families and wider partners in the community to create a holistic family plan. The plan will build on the family strengths and support with areas of concerns.

Our partners include:

  • health professionals
  • schools
  • parenting specialists
  • voluntary agencies
  • housing
  • the police 

Early help use an area-based model. This ensures we're closer to the families, communities and partnerships that we support across Medway.

Early help work together with families for up to 6 months, or where appropriate 9 months. They support families to build on their own resilience and reach positive outcomes. Early help engage families, both children and parents, with direct work and programmes both within early help and with wider partners.

Early help also support partner agencies to be the lead agency of support for a family. This is beause families and partners benefit from having a supported and coordinated plan to recognise achievement and prevent delay and drift.

Early help embrace the core objectives of the Troubled Families Agenda. They work with both internal council services and partners, to safeguard children and young people at risk (Level 3).

Early help is also integrated in the Adolescent Service, specialising in targeted work with young people and their parent or carer, to work through contextual safeguarding issues. They work closely with the Youth Service to encourage young people to join positive activities and achieve.