Children in Care Service

The Children in Care Service provides ongoing support and services to all children for whom there is no viable plan to return home. The Children in Care Service also receives referrals for separate unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, and provides the planning and support service for those children.

The Children in Care Service provide a 0 to 16 years old service for children and young people who have been looked after before the age of 16. Young people will transfer to the 16+ leaving care specialist team when they reach 16 years unless there is a clear rationale for them to remain with their children in care social worker. For example, if they have a good relationship with their social worker, then a change of worker during GCSEs would not be in the child’s interest.

A leaving care personal advisor will be allocated alongside the social worker from the age of 16. They will then remain the allocated personal advisor after the young person reaches 18 and beyond. The Children in Care Teams and the Leaving Care Service will link and work closely with the Adolescent Service.

The Children in Care Service will be responsible for the following for children allocated in the team:

  • court proceedings for children following an Interim Care Order being granted
  • provision of services to children in Section 20 care who have no plan to return home
  • formation and implementation of the permanency plans for children
  • professional abuse and complex abuse investigations

Leaving Care 16 plus team

The leaving care team support young people aged 16 to 25 who have left the care of Medway Council but remain entitled to leaving care support.  This includes support with housing applications, access to education, employment and benefits as well as emotional health and wellbeing.

Family Support Service

Aut Even and Parklands is a residential multi-agency respite centre for children with a disability which also provides day care facilities.

Virtual School Medway

The Medway Virtual School is led by the virtual headteacher, who acts as a local authority champion to promote the educational achievement of Looked After Children and Young Care Leavers, working with schools, carers and social workers to help these pupils achieve educational outcomes comparable to their peers.  When our children and young care leavers receive a high quality education there is a strong foundation for widening and improving their opportunities in life.

Fostering Team

The fostering service consist of two teams. One team are responsible for recruitment, assessment, ongoing support and supervision of foster carers, supporting lodging providers and assessment and support of private fostering arrangements. The other team are responsible for the assessment of all proposed connected carers and viability to special guardianship assessments.

Adoption Team

The adoption team finds permanent new families for children who can no longer live with their birth parents.  Adoption staff recruit, assess and prepare adopters, support adopted children and special guardians, their families, birth families and adopted adults.