Early help and targeted services

This team promotes the wellbeing and resilience of families in a timely way by offering high quality and effective services.

As an early help system, we believe that a longer-term plan is essential to:

  • provide the foresight and resilience needed to enable us to sustain our strong performance
  • further reform key areas of early intervention and prevention locally

At the heart of our strategy and plan is a commitment to:

  • deliver an effective system as a collaboration that our partners and families understand
  • optimise relevant skill, knowledge and resources through joint action, rather than developing a plan that centres largely upon the activities of a single service

Our plan clearly sets out how we'll deliver against the core objectives of an early help system to:

  • prevent and reduce youth crime
  • safeguard children and young people at risk (level 3)
  • improve school attendance and reduce exclusions
  • increase positive activities and places for young people to go and achieve

Early help and targeted services includes a range of services working with children and families with multiple and complex needs.

These services include:

  • The Youth Offending Team
  • The Youth Service
  • The Children and Family Hubs (including early years, parenting and family support)
  • Early help transformation service (Including troubled families programme)

We deliver our work through the ‘Strengthening Families’ framework and deliver it using the ‘Solution Focused’ approach.

We work using an area-based model. This ensures we are closer to the families, communities and the partnerships we support.