We're committed to making sure that our homes and services meet your needs now and in the future.

By working with residents and involving you in every aspect of what we do, you can influence decisions and get involved with any changes to housing services.

There are many ways you can get involved, it is not just about going to meetings.

You can engage with us:

  • online
  • over the phone
  • by post.

Whether it’s joining us on an estate event, a one-off focus group or spending a few minutes doing a quick survey, there’s a role for you.

We're committed to providing excellent customer service by putting customers at the centre. We have set out a range of service standards, so you know what to expect from us and in return what we expect from you.

View our housing service standards.

View our housing performance.

View our resident engagement statement.

Get involved

As a Medway leaseholder or council tenant you can get involved in the housing services that affect you and your community.

You can get involved in:

  • estate services
  • tenant and landlord groups, and forums
  • housing consultations.

We also have a range of housing surgeries where you can speak to a neighbourhood officer about any issues you may have about your tenancy.

Our housing consultations help us get your views so that we can continue to provide high quality services for tenants and leaseholders.

To view the most up-to-date information on events, consultations and service updates please see our Facebook page or X (formerly Twitter) page.

You can have your say on landlord services or enquire about any of the opportunities below by emailing tenant.participation@medway.gov.uk.

See our housing services events.

Housing consultations

Find out more and get involved in our housing consultations.


You can give us your feedback via email on tenant.participation@medway.gov.uk.

Please make sure you put the title of the policy you are commenting on as the subject of the email.

You can also give your feedback by sending a direct message to us on our Facebook page.

Community Champions

A community champion is someone that represents their local community and is happy to undertake occasional surveys to help us understand our service performance.

Surveys can be carried out by text, email or telephone.

They'll also be happy to be notified about local housing services events in their area and help us promote events amongst their neighbours.

Resident Scrutiny Panel

For community connectors who may wish to be more involved.

This panel will play an active role in the development of services and events for residents.

Meetings happen quarterly.

The purpose of this board is to hold what we do to account. This includes:

  • reviewing performance data
  • scrutinising survey feedback and data
  • providing scrutiny and challenge on the improvement plans for services to residents.

Contract Reviewer

There is an opportunity for 2 residents to attend review meetings for our gas and repairs service.

These take place monthly or bi-monthly.

There is also an opportunity for 2 residents who receive estate services from Medway Norse to attend estate management review meetings.

These take place bi-monthly.

Homes for Independent Living (HFIL) Residents Board

This board meets quarterly with 2 representatives from each of our 8 HFIL Schemes.

It's an opportunity to discuss issues and concerns within the scheme as well as what is working well.

Why get involved

Active involvement with housing services will give you the chance to:

  • be active in shaping housing services and improve services for all residents
  • gain useful skills
  • meet new people
  • increase your knowledge in a range of housing services.

Tpas membership 

We're proud to be members of Tpas, England’s leading resident engagement experts.

Tpas promote excellence in resident involvement and empowerment through training, advice and accreditation. They represent 1,700 tenant groups and 250 landlords.

As Tpas members, we can access training for our residents and colleagues, learn from others, keep up to date with best practice, and work with likeminded social landlords to positively influence national policy. 

More information

To find out more about what is going on in housing services, you can read our housing newsletters.