Medway parks mile

Medway parks mile routes are one-mile routes in your local greenspaces.

We want to encourage Medway residents to get active with a daily mile walk, jog or run in their nearest park.

The routes will be mapped out here to download, and are displayed in the parks.

We're seeking volunteer champions that may want to lead a regular mile within these spaces. If your local park is listed below and you are interested in this role, email

If your park is not listed and you would like it added to the programme, email

You can also see our health walks programme for more ways to get active in Medway.

Park mile routes

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Medway parks mile is an initiative by Medway Sport in partnership with A Better Medway.

The Medway Mile 2024

The Medway Mile is the largest mass participation sports event in Medway, established in 2007 to mark the countdown to the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Medway Mile has become hugely successful as a landmark event on Medway’s festival calendar.

The 2024 event will take place on Friday 12 July 2024 at Medway Park and the surrounding area in Gillingham.

Bookings for this event will open in May 2024.

Medway Daily School Mile

Medway Sport created the Medway Daily School Mile to share the success of the annual event with even more children and young people.

The national daily mile project offers the opportunity to be part of a bigger programme to celebrate this activity, with resources for schools.

We challenge Medway Schools to create their own one-mile route around the school with our pack and young leader training. Encourage your pupils to lead an active and healthy lifestyle by moving for one mile a day. Try these fun ways:

  • skipping
  • jogging
  • tip-toeing
  • running
  • hopping.

Email for more information. This project also supports lunchtime and after school clubs, as well as family mile sessions.


Medway Sport supports its local parkrun community.

Join the:

Medway offers a dynamic and diverse range of community running clubs in Medway with free opportunities to run in a safe and friendly group environment.

Medway marathon routes

If you are looking for a big challenge, our resident running expert has devised 4 themed, marathon-length runs around Medway:

  • Medway Sports Centres Marathon – this route passes by each of our sports centres and finishes at The Strand in Gillingham
  • Medway Marathon Loop – this loop starts and finishes at Great Lines Heritage Park in Gillingham. It traces the outskirts of Medway, south of the River
  • Medway Peninsula Marathon – a loop taking you past the sites and spectacular estuary views to the north of the River Medway
  • Medway Marathon Point to Point – a point to point (P2P) route that starts at the furthest point in Grain, finishing at Splashes in Rainham.

Marathons should only be attempted by experienced runners capable of safely completing the 26.2 miles.