Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

Read full details of our COVID-19 sports centre guidance.

How to book

You can book all standard price activities online. You no longer need to book family or non-member swims at our pools. If you would like to book member only lanes, you can still do this using the book and activity online form.

Book an activity online

Or you can phone reception to make a booking:

  • Strood - 01634 333 933
  • Medway Park - 01634 336 655
  • Hoo - 01634 333 958

Cancellation policies

Members can cancel any online booking. Non-members will need to call the centre to cancel their booking, we do not offer refunds.

If you have not booked online and wish to cancel a session you need to give 24 hours notice. This is so we can try to resell the space. We cannot refund a space if it is cancelled on the day unless we resell that space.

If you do not show up for a booking, we will operate a policy of 3 no shows within one month = one month online booking ban.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are booked as a course with a customer commitment to a full term. The course is payable in advance with no refunds.

We'll state the length of term and payment up front.

Credit notes may be offered for individual cases, such as for evidenced medical reasons.

If you have any questions or issues, email


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