Ready to Run

If you want to get into running then we have sessions available for beginners to intermediate level at Medway Park to encourage participants to make that first step in a secure and safe environment, with coaching drills and advice.

Sign up for our termly progressive training programme and receive personalised coaching and support in a small, friendly training group.

Ready 2 Run Beginners

Ready 2 Run Intermediate

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Medway Sport also supports its local parkrun community.

Join the:

Medway Daily School Mile

Create your own one mile route around your school with our resource pack and young leader training.

Encourage your pupils to lead an active and healthy lifestyle by walking, skipping, jogging, tip-toeing or running a mile each day.

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Medway parks mile

Medway Sport are planning to launch 26 parks miles to encourage Medway residents to get active with a daily mile walk, jog or run in their nearest park.

The routes will be mapped out here and displayed in the parks.

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Download the park mile routes: 

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