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Key Regeneration Aims

Medway is the biggest regeneration zone in the Thames Gateway.

The Medway regeneration programme is set to transform the area into a city of 300,000 people over the next 20 years. The programme represents an unparalleled regeneration opportunity. It will be a new, exciting, linear city centre, spanning 11 kilometres of the River Medway with Chatham Centre and Waterfront at its heart and will generate:

  • A major transport infrastructure
  • Up to 16,000 new homes
  • More than 20,000 new jobs
  • A retail culture commensurate
  • High quality spaces and places

The strategy is an overarching framework for development on the waterfront for the next 20 years which brings together and builds upon existing planning guidance.

Key generation themes include:

Social regeneration

As part of a 20-year regeneration programme lasting until 2026, Medway has embarked upon a huge transformation in terms of its physical environment, its community and its economy. The first phase involves a £120million programme of urban and brownfield regeneration along the Medway waterfront.

A Healthy economy

The Medway economy needs to be healthy and growing to provide the full range of opportunities to existing and new Medway residents. Priorities for investment have been identified in the Economic Development Statement

Learning and skills

The continued development of the further and higher education offer, together with improvements to skills development, participation levels, vocational training and post 19 training are all vital to the success of Medway.


Infrastructure provision both within and beyond Medway is crucial to further growth and success.


Improving the health of Medway residents is important together with the provision and delivery of the local health infrastructure.


The creation of cohesive and sustainable communities is a priority for Medway with an expected 12,500 – 16,000 homes to be built. It is clear that benefits from growth must be delivered to existing communities and that new developments must be effectively integrated. There will be an emphasis on bringing communities together.

The environment

Environmental priorities include ‘Greening the Kent and Medway Gateway’ including delivery of key initiatives such as Green Grid Medway and Great Lines City Park, managing flood risk, leading in sustainable construction, reducing the impact on natural resources and utilising renewable energy together with enhancing existing environment and green spaces.

Sports and Leisure

Medway has a proud history of hosting major sporting and cultural events. 

Tourism and heritage

As a tourism destination Medway is already well placed – Upnor and Rochester Castles, Rochester Cathedral and Chatham Historic Dockyard are established destinations. The Historic Dockyard is building on its role as a South East hub museum and a lead museum for Kent. Medway is developing a bid for World Heritage Site status for the dockyard and its defences.


A major element in transforming Medway into a premier European city will be the provision of a range of cultural experiences and opportunities appropriate for a city of 300,000. Existing cultural assets and new cultural initiatives will help to establish the identity of the city and create a positive image.


Transport for Medway puts transport right at the heart of the regeneration plans. It is essential that we provide a sustainable public transport system that is accessible. Transport priorities have been identified for Medway, via the Local Transport Plan and regional priority setting.

For more information contact us by telephone: 01634 306000 or by email: info@medway.gov.uk

Write to: Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4TR