Resident parking permit terms and conditions

You can buy a resident permit if you live within one of Medway’s controlled parking zones.

One permit can be bought for each vehicle registered to a person at your address. R1 permits are limited to one permit per household and are subject to eligibility.

Your permit can only be used in the zone you live in. 

A resident permit is valid for one year.

We will not approve your application for a resident permit unless you provide proof of address, vehicle proof and full payment.

Proof of address

To buy a resident permit, you need to provide proof that you live within a controlled parking zone.

We will accept one of the following:

  • utility bill
  • bank statement
  • tenancy agreement (from an agency only).

Documents must be dated within the last 3 months.

Vehicle proof

To buy a resident permit you need to provide proof that you own a vehicle or drive a company vehicle. 

We will accept one of the following:

  • copy of your vehicle registration document (logbook or full updated V5C)
  • insurance policy which includes your name, address and vehicle registration
  • letter from your employer on company headed paper to confirm your name, home address and details of the company vehicle you drive.

We do not accept the V5C 2 (New Keeper's Slip) as proof of vehicle ownership as you're no longer required to complete your address in section 6.

If you provide false information

If it's proved that you have given false information, you may be prosecuted and could face a fine of up to £2,500.

If it's proved that you have faked a parking permit, you could face a maximum fine of £5,000 in a magistrates court, an unlimited fine or 2 years imprisonment in the Crown Court.

Sharing of information

Information given as part of this application may be shared with other agencies and organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions. This is to meet council requirements that you are eligible for a permit or to detect fraud.

How to use your permit

You can only use your permit:

  • in the controlled parking zone, it has been issued for. You cannot use it to park in other controlled parking zones or on single or double yellow lines in a zone
  • if displayed clearly in the front windscreen of a vehicle
  • if it is still displayed so it is legible from outside a vehicle without a front windscreen (for example motorcycles). Motorcycles can use a tax disc holder to allow the permit to be displayed safely and securely
  • if it is valid at all times.

Your permit does not guarantee you a parking space.

A penalty charge notice will be issued if you do not:

  • display a valid permit
  • display a permit clearly so it can be viewed by a civil enforcement officer
  • park in the correct controlled parking zone.

Cancellations and refunds

You are not entitled to a refund for a resident permit once it has been bought.

We will cancel your permit if:

  • the information provided at the time of application is proved to be false
  • the permit is being misused.

If any vehicle is seen to be displaying a cancelled permit, a civil enforcement officer will issue a penalty charge notice, as the permit will be deemed to be invalid.

You must return your permit if asked to do so by a council officer or authorised agent.

How we use your personal information

The new GDPR law is designed to make sure you have a better understanding of:

  • what data we process
  • how we got it
  • what we do with it
  • who we share it with 
  • your rights about your data.

We have updated our privacy notice.