Supported accommodation

Supported accommodation allows you to live in your own home with help and support.

Some accommodation might be in a shared house or in a single flat. There may be key worker staff available onsite 24 hours a day or available during office hours. 

You may be given a tenancy agreement. This gives you rights as a tenant but it will also have rules you must follow. 

You'll be expected to follow the rules in place. If not, you may risk losing your home. 

Your support

The aim of supported accommodation is to make sure you get the support you need to manage a tenancy and move into independent living. 

The staff will be there to help and guide you. They may be there for part of the day or sometimes 24 hours a day. 

You should work with your key worker as they will help you get the services you need. They will also help you settle in and connect with your local community. 

Speak to your personal advisor to find out more about supported accommodation in Medway.