Private accommodation

Private accommodation is a property owned by a private landlord. 

Private rented properties are often advertised through letting agents. There can sometimes be more choice of properties in the private rented sector. 

Some private landlords do not accept Housing Benefit as payment for rent. This means you would need to earn enough money to pay for your rent, bills and living costs.

There are some private landlords that do accept Housing Benefit.  

Your responsibilities 

If you rent a private property you'll be responsible for managing your tenancy, paying your rent and bills, including gas, electric, phone and water. 

This can be a big step from living with a foster carer. So sometimes supported accommodation is a better option to help you prepare for this as a next step.

If you're a care leaver who claims rent payments through Universal Credit and you're worried that you cannot manage the responsibility of paying your rent, speak to your DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) work coach and arrange for your rent to be paid directly to your landlord. 

Speak to your personal advisor to find out more about renting a private property.