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Article 4

Article 4 Directions require planning permission to be sought for some works that would not normally be required.

The council has confirmed an Article 4 Direction to land between Elmhaven Marina and Cemex, Rochester Road, Halling. Article 4(1) Direction and site location plan (pdf 1007KB)

In this area planning permission is required for the erection, construction, maintenance, improvement or alteration of a gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure being development comprised within Part 2 Class A of Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 As Amended.

The council has applied Article 4 Directions to dwellings within the following conservation areas:

Conservation Area Dwellings


The residential dwellings:

1-16 (consecutive) Admiralty Terrace

22-24 (evens) Admiralty Road

1, 3 and 4 Admiralty Cottages

Waterside Cottage, Elizabeth Cottage, Medway View in Barrack Hill

4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 22, 38 High Street

1, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 23 High Street


The residential dwellings:

9-61 (inclusive) Mill Road

35-125 (odds), 98-142 (evens) and 154-164 (evens) Saunders Street

2-52 (evens) St Georges Road

1-23 (odds) Trinity Road

97-119 (odds) and 145-175 (odds) Marlborough Road

Gillingham Park

All residential dwellinghouses in Park Avenue

All residential dwellinghouses between 2-8 (evens) and 3-21 (odds) Oxford Road

All residential dwellinghouses in Malvern Road

All residential dwellinghouses in Holmside Road

All residential dwellinghouses between 1-71 (odds) and 2-76 (evens) Cleave Road

All residential dwellinghouses Stuart Road

All residential dwellinghouses between 159-193 (odds) Nelson Road

All residential dwellinghouses between 256-262 (evens) Nelson Road

All residential dwellinghouses between 241-269 (odds) Napier Road

Maidstone Road, Chatham

The residential dwellings:

29 to 79 (odds) Maidstone Road, Chatham

90 to 132 (evens) Maidstone Road, Chatham

New Road, Chatham

The residential dwellings:

New Road (evens):

Flats 1-2 Britannic House, 40 New Road

Flats A-G Kingsway House, 44-46 New Road

42, 48, 50, 56, 62, 62a, 64, 64a, 64b, 66, 68 New Road

New Road (odds):

5, 7, 9-13, 15 (15a The Paddock – rear of property only), 17, 17a, 19

New Road, Rochester,
Star Hill,
Star Hill - Sun Pier

All residential dwellinghouses in Orange Terrace

All residential dwellinghouses  between 200-392 (evens) and  209-379 (odds) High Street, Rochester

All residential dwellinghouses in Hammond Hill, Chatham

All residential dwellinghouses in Gundolph Road, Rochester

All residential dwellinghouses New Road, Rochester

All residential dwellinghouses in St Bartholomews Terrace, Rochester

All residential dwellinghouses  2, 10, 12 Nags Head Lane

All residential dwellinghouses in Bourne Court, High Street, Rochester and 4 Delce Road

Watts Avenue/Roebuck Road

All residential dwellinghouses in Watts Avenue

All residential dwellinghouses in Roebuck Road

All residential dwellinghouses in King Edward Road

All residential dwellinghouses  between 33-83 (odds) and 76-92 (evens) St Margaret’s Street

All residential dwellinghouses  between  22-54 (evens) and 37-199 (odds) Maidstone Road, Rochester

1a Ridley Road

Grove Cottage, Lockington Grove

Upper Bush, Cuxton, Rochester

The residential dwellings:

Beeches View

The Cottage

The Old Bakery

Historic Rochester

The land at:

1 Eden Mews, Crow Lane

12-18 (evens) Crow Lane

1-2 Coachman Mews, Crow Lane

1-9 (consecutive) Eastgate Terrace

Delta House, 2 Love Lane

1-15 (odds) Love Lane

6-12 (evens) Love Lane

18-24 (evens) Love Lane

Trevine Cottage (St Margarets Mews)

2-6 St (evens) Margaret’s Street

3-7 St (odds) Margaret’s Street

27, 27a, 31 St Margaret’s Street

Malt House, Malt Mews, St Margaret’s Street

The House, 26a St Margaret’s Street

Easter Garth, The Precinct

2-5 (consecutive) George Lane (behind Rochester High Street)

In these areas planning permission is required for even quite small changes to properties. In addition to the major changes that normally require planning permission (for example extending your house) the following minor alterations to the facades of houses which face highways or public footpaths now require an application for planning permission:

  • replacing windows and doors
  • altering roofs (including roof coverings and chimneys)
  • building a porch
  • adding or removing cladding (such as timber or stone) from the walls of houses
  • laying or replacing driveways or paths
  • installing satellite dishes
  • erecting, altering or removing boundary gates, fences, or walls
  • painting, rendering or pebble dashing the walls of a building (excluding the painting of joinery).

Please note, this list is only a summary of the alterations that need planning permission.

Other buildings such as flats, shops or offices have fairly strict planning rules. In general, planning permission is needed for minor changes to buildings in all conservation areas. Check with the Planning Team at the council by phoning 01634 331700.