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Local land charges

Welcome to the Medway Council Local Land Charges web pages. Whether you are buying or selling a property or business, are a conveyancer, private company or member of the public, our qualified staff are here to help.


The Local Land Charges section is managed by:

  • Alison Poulson, Local Land Charges and  Licensing Manager


The division is supported by:

  • Kim Prescott, Senior Local Land Charges Officer
  • Joanna Johnson, Local Land Charges Officer
  • Charlie Harrison Local Land Charges and Licensing Apprentice



This page provides information about the searches available.  If you have any questions about searches please contact us and we will explain the process to you. We would advise you to seek legal advice when buying or selling a property. We accept electronic searches sent via the National Land Information Service (NLIS).


From 31st March 2017 Medway Council will implement VAT on CON29 services.

Official searches

Requests for official searches are usually posted to us. They must be made on forms LLC1 and CON29 that are available from legal stationers. You are required to send us a plan, with the property clearly marked, for searches on commercial and industrial properties, new residential developments and searches where you ask CON29 questions.  Official searches are guaranteed by the council under Section 10(3) of the Local Land Charges Act 1975.


Personal searches

You, your solicitor or an agent can carry out a local authority personal search. To arrange this, please notify us in advance by calling 01634 332733 or emailing landcharges@medway.gov.uk.  For more information go to the personal search page.

Only information contained in the Local Land Charges Register and provided by the council in a personal search of that register is guaranteed by the council under Section 10(3) of the Local Land Charges Act 1975.


Environmental Information Regulations

Please contact the individual services for enquiries. For more information go to the environmental information regulations page.


The Local Land Charges section's main objective

 The Local Land Charges section's main objective is to provide a quality service that is value for money by completing search applications and requests for information for our customers in a timely and professional manner.

Staff will respond to telephone enquiries courteously and provide you with knowledgeable helpful advice. If they do not have the answer, they tell you who to contact.


The council monitors its service with this simple annual customer satisfaction survey (pdf 21KB). To use this file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, please go to our advice page.

Drainage searches

Medway Council area drainage searches should be sent to Southern Water. For up-to-date details of its services and fees, please visit https://www.southernwater.co.uk/property-searches


Deeds and boundaries

For queries relating to deeds, boundaries or private ownership, please visit the https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/land-registry


Contact Us

Phone: 01634 332733

Email: landcharges@medway.gov.uk

In writing: Local Land Charges, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR alternatively via the Document Exchange to Local Land Charges, Medway Council, DX140142 Chatham 8