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What is a local property search?

A local authority search consists of the LLC1 Form and the CON29 Form. The fee for this service is £85 and includes £25 fee for the LLC1 form.


Form LLC1

This is the official certificate that deals with all the charges recorded in the Local Land Charges Register. The word "charge" is not defined by statute, but is used to describe a burden imposed on land, the most important factor being that the charge must be binding on successive owners or occupiers of the land and/or property. These charges would not normally be disclosed by a perusal of the title deeds or indeed by an inspection of the land or property itself. Local Land Charges may be of a financial or non-financial nature.


Form CON29

This form deals with proposed issues such as road schemes, informal notices, environmental matters, tree preservation orders, enforcement action, planning contravention or breach of condition notices etc. This form deals with matters that are not held on the Local Land Charges Register.

Many of these questions can be thought of as providing a warning to prospective purchasers.


Form CON29O (optional)

These are optional enquiries and the questions that you require must be ticked in box C of the form. These questions relate to matters such as footpaths, pipelines, food safety notices, common land enquiries etc. Each question asked incurs an additional fee.