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Development briefs, area based policies and other guidance

Supplementary planning documents add further details to the policies in the Local Plan. They can be used to provide further guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues, such as design. A development brief is a form of supplementary planning guidance which expands upon and conforms with national planning guidance. The brief should also conform with the policies contained in an adopted local plan. It cannot be used as a vehicle for challenging or amending those policies.


Development briefs are usually prepared to guide development on larger sites where complicated issues may arise and to help applicants make successful planning applications. They enable developers, the public and councils to be aware of those issues and to become involved in dealing with them, before planning applications are submitted. They help to avoid delays during the formal consideration of planning applications and provide a degree of certainty for the financing and programming of developments.


Development briefs may cover a variety of matters which will change from site to site but could include:

  • planning policies
  • design and layout
  • infrastructure
  • community facilities
  • landscaping
  • access
  • financial contributions
  • drainage
  • water supply.

You can download the existing supplementary planning guidance (SPG), supplementary planning documents (SPDs), masterplans and area based policies below.

These documents are in alphabetical order

           - Shared outdoor amenity space

           - Shared access and circulation

           - Cycle storage, refuse and recycling

           - Management

           - Visual privacy and private outdoor space

           - Environmental comfort

     Developers should continue to follow the Medway Standard with regard to these topics.

A new Chatham Interface Land Development Brief document was consulted on between 10 November and 22 December 2017 - please visit the Chatham Interface Land webpage for more details.

Other guidance

Medway Council provides a range of planning guidance to support, and expand upon, specific Local Plan policies. Where relevant we positively encourage applicants to consult this additional planning advice before submitting a planning application. These guidance documents do not have the status of formal supplementary planning documents, but are a material consideration in determining planning applications.

To use the pdf files on this page you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, please use our advice page.