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Development options

Medway has carried out a second formal consultation stage in the preparation of a new Local Plan for Medway - 'Development Options' - which builds on the work carried out in the first stage (Issues and Options). 

The Development Options consultation document was presented to Medway Council's Cabinet on 20 December 2016. It provides a draft vision for Medway in 2035, setting out emerging approaches to policies to address the key issues facing Medway's communities, economy and environment. To consider options for how development land could be allocated across Medway, it also sets out a range of scenarios that could provide the basis for Medway's development up to 2035.  The council consulted on the Development Options document between 16 January and 30 May 2017. All written responses received are presented under 'Consultation responses' below.

Read the Development Options document

You can read each section of the Development Options consultation document, or the whole document, below:

Scenario 1 map - maximising the potential of urban regeneration (pdf 405KB)

Scenario 2 map - suburban expansion (pdf 363KB)

Scenario 3 map - rural focus (pdf 362KB)

Scenario 4 map - urban regeneration and rural town (pdf 363KB)

Responses to the Development Options consultation

All written responses received are presented in the following files. The Reference Table shows how the responses have been organised in batches of 16 separate files. Please note, personal information has been redacted.

A short report outlining the findings of the consultation is available to download below:

To use the pdf files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, please use our advice page.