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Medway Sport training courses

First Aid training Denise Medway ParkMedway Sport runs a comprehensive programme of training courses in lifeguarding and first aid.

The qualifications are all fully-accredited and delivered by our experienced Royal Lifesaving Society trainer, Denise Todd. Denise has been an RLSS Trainer Assessor for 12 years, and was a First Responder in the Medical team at the London Olympics. 

NPLQ training

National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (including first aid at work and defibrillator training). Six days, £295

2018 dates:

9-14 April

29 May - 3 June                                                                                   

30 July - 4 August

22 - 27 October


To book a place or for more information contact Denise Todd denise.todd@medway.gov.uk 01634 336644.

First Aid CoursesAdult first aid at work RLSS

First Aid at work course

Three days - £80

2018 dates:

23/24/25 April

2/3/4/ July

17/18/19 September

The First  Aid at Work training course provides the comprehensive set of practical skills needed by first aiders in most workplaces to become a confident first aider at work. Giving both the ability and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies. It meets the standards required to help comply with Health and Safety (First aid) regulations.

This course is designed for people who want to receive our most thorough first aid training.

The content of the course will cover how to deal with the following:

The role of the first aider; head injuries; managing an emergency; health and safety (first aid) regulations; communication and casualty care; low blood sugar; asthma; poisoning; bleeding (minor and severe); resuscitation (adult CPR); bone, muscle and joint injuries; seizures (adult); burns and scalds; severe allergic reaction; chest pains (including heart attack); shock; choking (adult); spinal injuries; eye injuries; stroke; fainting and unresponsive casualty.

To book a place or for more information contact Denise Todd denise.todd@medway.gov.uk 01634 336644.

First Aid RLSSPaediatric first aid training course 

Two days - £75

Dates 2018:

14/15 May 

19/20 November

This two-day paediatric first aid course focuses on emergency scenarios that face those looking after young children and infants, including day nurseries, private nursery schools, pre-schools, before and after school clubs for children in the early years age group, childminders and carers of children at home.

The course will cover:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the paediatric first aider
  • Be able to assess an emergency situation safely
  • Be able to provide first aid for an infant and a child who is:
    -  unresponsive and breathing normally, including child and infant resuscitation
    - who is unresponsive and not breathing normally
    - who has a foreign body airway obstruction
    - with external bleeding
    - with injuries to bones, joints and muscles
  • Understand how to administer emergency first aid to an infant and a child with a chronic medical condition or sudden illness including:
    - sickle cell crisis
    - diabetic emergencies
    - asthma attack
    - allergic reaction
    - meningitis
    - febrile convulsions
  • Understand how to administer first aid to an infant and a child:
    - experiencing the effects of extreme heat and cold
    -  who has sustained an electric shock
    - with burns or scalds
    - who has been poisoned
    - who has been bitten or stung
    - with minor injuries, including cuts, grazes, bumps and bruises, small splinters and nose bleeds
    - with conditions affecting the eyes, ears and nose
    - with head and spinal injuries
    - with anaphylaxis
    - who is suffering from shock
  • Understand how to complete records relating to illnesses, injuries and emergencies.

To book a place or for more information contact Denise Todd denise.todd@medway.gov.uk  01634 336644.