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Breakdown of school types

Nursery units

Around half of all Medway schools admit children from the age of three years into the Foundation Stage and provide nursery education for three and four year-olds.  In addition, a further 120 independent nurseries and pre-schools are registered providers of free part-time nursery education for three and four year-olds.


Primary schools

There are 78 primary schools, consisting of:

  • infant schools (ages four to seven years)
  • junior schools (ages seven to 11 years)
  • primary schools (ages four to 11 years)


Secondary schools

You can see all of Medway's secondary schools here. Within the Hoo Peninsula, a two-tier comprehensive admission system operates and at the age of 11, children transfer to the Hundred of Hoo Comprehensive School without assessment.

Within the rest of Medway, a selective admission system operates, consisting mainly of grammar and high schools. Admission to the grammar schools is based on an assessment of children during their final year at primary school.


Special schools and units

Medway has four special schools:

  • Abbey Court, for three to 19-year-olds with severe learning difficulties
  • Danecourt, for four to 11-year-olds with moderate or complex learning difficulties
  • Bradfields, for 11 to 19-year-olds with moderate or complex learning difficulties
  • Rivermead, on the school site for 11-16 year olds with complex emotional needs and other vulnerabilities including medical. Runs the medical tuition service and has a supported post 16 provision run in partnership with the college.

Four secondary schools and 12 primary schools have special units which cater for a variety of special educational needs. Medway also has three pupil referral units and a unit for hospital education.