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Liability order (court order)

A liability order is a court order which provides the council further powers to recover council tax including:

  • Using Enforcement Agents, which may involve the sale of some of your property and will incur you considerable costs.
  • Obtaining information from you about your employment, earnings or benefit.
  • Deductions from your earnings, income support, jobseekers allowance, pension credit or employment support allowance.

You should pay what you can before the court date. A letter will be sent to you after the court date with a form asking for further information. A Personal Information form must be completed and returned to the council including your repayment offer.

The council will let you know if your offer is not accepted but you should pay as offered in the meantime.

We may not accept your offer of payment if we consider it will take too long for you to clear the debt.  An income and expenditure form will be required if you are proposing a long term arrangement or if you have been bailed to a means enquiry court hearing.