Medway Sport run a variety of different fitness classes at Medway Park Sports Centre, Strood Sports Centre and Hoo Sports Centre including:


Abs HIIT is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio workout targeting the abdominals. It involves alternating short, very high intensity intervals with longer, slower intervals to recover.

Aerobics is a traditional class set to music and led by a qualified instructor. They will take you through a variety of structured movements that raise your heart rate and get blood and oxygen flowing more quickly. Suitable for all levels.

Boot camp
Boot camp is a workout which uses high-intensity interval training to help build strength and endurance. There are also women-only sessions run as part of the This Girl Can programme.


Aerobic dance workout that increases strength and stamina. Suitable for all, as individuals can choose a high or low impact version.

Box and tone
An aerobic high intensity sweat session incorporating boxing moves followed by full-body toning with hand weights.

Boxercise is a non-contact boxing class combining boxing training techniques with circuit-based exercises for a full body workout.

This is an outside group session encouraging exercise that is safe for new mums. It is run by a licensed, nationally recognised trained instructor as part of the Safer Streets 12-week programme.

Cardio combat core
An aerobic workout to help increase your endurance with combat and high intensity moves. 

Couch to 5K
A running plan aimed at absolute beginners which aims to help you build up your running ability to eventually run 5k without stopping. There are also women-only sessions run as part of the Safer Streets 12-week programme.

Dance groups
These are girls-only dance group sessions run by qualified dance instructors and that take place within the studio. These sessions are being run as part of the Safer Streets 12-week programme.

Dance Fit
Dance group fitness sessions are run by a qualified instructor and are suitable for all levels.

Full body exercise class using a balance ball, challenging your balance, mobility, and strength. Suitable for all fitness abilities.

Fit steps
Fit steps is an energetic dance class designed to improve fitness results. There are also women-only sessions run as part of the Safer Streets 12-week programme.

Functional cardio
Functional cardio is a class that works on slowly improving flexibility, balance, endurance and body tone.

Funky Friday fitness
Funky Friday fitness is a gentle, fun aerobics class with easy moves and music to keep you moving and grooving.

Glow rider
A group cycle class in the dark with disco lights to get you active and moving.

Group cycle
Group cycle is an energetic exercise class performed on a stationary bike.

Hiitstep is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training exercise class using only bodyweight and a step. It is choreographed to bespoke soundtracks created by some of the UKs top house music DJs. 

Indoor cycle classes
Indoor cycle classes are full body, cardio workouts that involve cycling at different speeds, inclines and other drills and exercises.

JumpFit is a women's only trampoline fitness class working at low impact. This session is being run as part of the Safer Streets 12-week programme.

Just jump
Just jump is a unique workout using a mini trampoline with choreographed moves to music.

Monday madness
Monday madness is a high-intensity interval training session. It mixes group cycle with body weight exercises. For this class meet in the group cycle room.

Monday mash up
High intensity bike and floorwork using body weight, bars and hand weights. Suitable for all fitness abilities.

Mossa group fight
Mossa group fight is a high-adrenaline class using mixed martial arts to build cardio fitness, total-body strength and coordination.

Move it Monday
This class is a constant moving class based on aerobic and high-intensity interval training to help burn calories. It is accompanied by a mix of drum and base, house and dancefloor music. 

Punch pump pulse
This class is a full body workout split into 3 sections. First is a combat cardio workout, followed by body conditioning with weights and then finally with core work.

Rhythm of the night
Rhythm of the night is an exciting dance-based exercise class with disco lights which uses different dance styles to keep you moving. 

This class is a mix of combat and drumming. It is an all over body workout with music to help you burn calories and have fun. This class is suitable for all abilities.

This session is a women's-only run club with running routes through Strood and Rochester and is supported by both male and female run leaders. This session is being run as part of the Safer Streets 12-week programme.

Skip fit
A chance to learn a new skill using a skipping rope, led by our in-house skipping master and suitable for all levels.

Interval training exercise class using only bodyweight and a step. This is a fully choreographed class and is suitable for both intermediates and beginners.

Totally shredded
The UK’s award winning HIIT and combat group exercise class. It incorporates workouts to drum and bass, house and garage music. The classes are based on fun and high impact moves to help you shred calories.

Wake up workout
A mix of short bursts of high intensity cardio, weights and toning. An all over workout to leave you ready for the day. Suitable for all levels. Please bring your own mat.

Zumba is a dance-based full body workout that involves following a choreographed routine designed to improve all elements of fitness whilst having fun.

Strength and conditioning

Abs attack
A 30-minute class focusing on your abdominals. This class helps to strengthen and improve your core.

Bars and bells
Bars and bells is a full body workout which uses barbells, resistance bands and dumbbells to help improve your strength. Low impact and minimal choreography. Suitable for all levels. Please bring your own mat.

Body conditioning
Body conditioning is a high energy workout combining cardio and resistance. It uses a mix of aerobic exercises, floor work, weights and resistance training. Please bring your own mat.

Circuit is a high intensity and fast-paced workout that will help tone your body and lose calories. It involves working your way through different exercise stations and completing each exercise as many times as you can within a given time.

Conditioning HIIT
Conditioning HIIT is a high-intensity interval training session that offers a full body workout that will help burn fat and boost metabolism.

Functional body conditioning
Functional body conditioning will get you working different planes of motion to allow you to become stronger.

Functional training
Functional training helps train your muscles to work together, prepare them for daily activities and to help improve core stability.

This class includes dynamic moves that target endurance, strength, balance and cardio using only one piece of equipment. 

Legs, bums and tums
Legs, bums and tums is a class that combines movements and endurance exercises designed to increase body strength, posture and shape of the legs, glutes and abdominals. There are also women-only sessions run as part of the Safer Streets 12-week programme. Please bring your own mat.

Mum and child circuit
A fun instructor-led session for mums which includes individual and group exercises so you can work out with your child. This session is being run as part of the This Girl Can programme.

Progressive strength skills

Specially designed for beginners or those wishing to increase their confidence lifting weights before starting the gym independently.

Pump HIIT helps to build strength and endurance by using barbells and dumbbells. It uses a mix of high intensity interval training and circuits.

Senior aerobics
This class is designed for older adults for a full body workout that is suitable for any fitness level. It’s designed to improve flexibility, agility, aerobic health, balance and strength.

Senior Functional Skills
Circuit of functional movements, using minimal equipment, and making the most of bodyweight exercises. Suitable for over 60s.

Spin and tone
Spin and tone is a gentle women-only group cycle session followed by floor-based exercise for toning. This session is being run as part of the This Girl Can programme.

Supple strength
A fluid sequence of deep stretches and muscular endurance moves designed to lengthen, tone and strengthen your body. Suitable for all levels. Please bring your own mat.

The 3:15
The 3:15 class is a full body workout split into 3 sections. It includes 15 minutes each of aerobics, step and weights. Please bring your own mat.


Aqua fit
Aqua fit is an aerobics, toning, circuit in the water. The session is a total body workout in the pool which allows you to get a workout without the impact.

Aqua gym
A deep-water based circuit class using floatation resistance equipment within the water. Suitable for confident swimmers of all levels.

Aqua-natal is a safe water-based exercise class that takes place in the warmth of our hydrotherapy pool. This session is designed for those who are pregnant.

Aqua Zumba
Aqua Zumba blends Zumba with water resistance to create a fun pool workout.

Deep water aqua
Deep water aqua is an aerobics, toning, circuit in the water. The session is a total body workout in the deep area of the pool which allows you to get a workout without the impact. Suitable for confident swimmers of all levels.

Gentle aqua
Based in our main pool, this class uses water for resistance and helps to increase your mobility and flexibility.

HydroFit is a women-only aqua exercise class using water-resistance based exercise which is being run as part of the Safer Streets 12-week programme.

Swim active
A gentle water-based exercise class set in the hydrotherapy pool which helps increase your mobility, flexibility and muscle strength.

Swimfit is a great way to enjoy swimming whilst setting yourself goals. In this session you will follow routines in the water to increase tone, strength and endurance.

Mind and body

Chair fit
Chair fit is a workout which uses a chair for seated exercises, standing and support. It’s designed to increase muscle strength, range of movement and is ideal for the over 60s.

Connect with your core Pilates
Suitable for all ages and mid-lifers, connect with your core Pilates is a session to connect your mind and body with a focus on pelvic floor. Please bring your own mat.

Gravity yoga
A long hold stretching practice specifically designed to increase mobility. Gravity yoga is practiced completely relaxed and passively, so gravity does most of the work. This class is best run in addition to other classes and not as your only class of the week.

Pilates focuses on strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and posture. Please bring your own mat.

Pilates on the ball
Pilates on the ball uses a gym ball to challenge balance, improve postural alignment and help work your core.

Pregnancy yoga
Pregnancy yoga is a slow-moving and calm yoga class designed and adapted for those who are pregnant.

Trigger Pilates
A Pilates class that combines Pilates core moves with trigger point releases. This class is designed to release tight muscles using equipment. Please bring a prickle ball, yoga ball, yoga band and a mat. 

Tai Chi
Tai Chi techniques focus on the body and mind as an interconnected system and are traditionally believed to have mental and physical health benefits. Suitable for all levels.

Toddler and parent yoga
Toddler and parent yoga is a low-impact family friendly exercise session where toddlers can join in. This session is being run as part of the This Girl Can programme.

Yoga with Gem
Yoga with Gem uses a mix of physical, mental and spiritual practices and disciplines which originate from ancient India. This class is aimed at increasing flexibility whilst controlling breath and stilling the mind. Please bring your own mat.

Yoga with Simon
Yoga with Simon is a yoga class aimed at both beginners and those who enjoy classic yoga moves. This class will guide you through the yoga basics as well as help increase your flexibility and mobility. Please bring your own mat.