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Temporary accommodation

To be assessed for temporary accommodation you must book an appointment at Kingsley House:

Kingsley House
37 - 39 Balmoral Road

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To book an appointment phone 01634 333 600 or if you urgently require accommodation outside of office hours you can phone the emergency out of hours number 01634 304 400.

You will be placed in temporary accommodation if the council has:

  • Not yet made a decision on your homeless application
  • Accepted a duty to re-house you but does not have any suitable accommodation to offer straight away
  • Decided you do not have a local connection with Medway and is waiting for the outcome of a referral to another council.

Whilst in temporary accommodation your circumstances will be investigated and more secure accommodation will be looked into.

Type and location of the accommodation

You may be placed anywhere in Medway, but will have the opportunity to tell us about personal circumstances such as the location of your child’s school or your need for disabled access. If we are unable to meet your needs, for example by not being able to provide temporary accommodation near to your child’s school, we will arrange other support such as school transport. The types of accommodation provided can include: B&Bs, bed-sits, studio flats or one, two and three-bedroom properties.

If you refuse the accommodation

If you refuse temporary accommodation without a valid reason we will not provide any other accommodation and you will have to make your own arrangements. We will, however, continue to process your homeless application.

Protection of your furniture and items

If you have furniture and other items that you are unable to store, the council is able to arrange storage for a weekly charge.

For more information read our guide to temporary accommodation (pdf 191KB).